Well this morning started off on a not so exciting note. Jeremy missed the bus and I was stuck having to roll out of bed to run him to school before the bell rang. Sounds pretty plain and simple right? Well it wasn’t. Just picture this. Pjs, unbrushed hair in clip, last night’s makeup, and me on 5 hrs of sleep. Not a pretty sight. I took messy hair to a whole new level. (enter disappointed sad face here lol)

Let me back up here a bit. With one truck under repairs, I had no choice but to drive my son’s freshly wrecked vehicle. Yes! That’s right. Just one week ago from today a driver opted to not yield and just run smack into our son’s passenger door.

So here I am driving in the rain with the sun still hidden away, when I drive into a pothole turning the corner. As if the day couldn’t get any better, I notice the car started running rough. Sure enough my tire was DEFLATED! All I could think was, NOT TODAY SATAN!

Eventually making it to a nearby gas station I discover this was more than a flat. The inner tube had popped. Great! So here I am sitting now in a parking lot desperately trying to get a hold of my husband for help.

The week had already been challenging enough as it was. And now this!



As I sit here writing this, waiting on my hubby to scoop me up, I keep thinking how this is just one more challenge thrown my way. Is it frustrating? Ugh…YES! But what good does it do me to get all worked up. It won’t give me a solution to my now dilemma.

There are times that even the most faithful Christian will feel deflated, overwhelmed, and just flat out ready to just quit. There are moments that this same God trusting individual will feel as though God just isn’t taking their call. The line rings and rings but no answer.

I could easily feel abandoned by God. I could feel as though God has turned his back on me. Like I did something to deserve this. Kind of like Naomi in the book of Ruth. I could become bitter like Naomi and just allow myself to fall into an ugly pity party. But again. What good would that do? What would I accomplish from it?

Faith is trusting God when we have a blowout. Faith is knowing God is on the other side of that call. Faith is not allowing a flat tire to completely deflate our spirit. Faith is saying, “In my weakness, You give me strength.”

My dear friend, when life gives you a flat, don’t allow bitterness to settle in. There will be challenging days that just have you stranded, all alone in your pjs looking like a not so hot mess, but know that Jesus loves you. He hasn’t left you. And He won’t turn His back on you. Despite how hot a mess you are, Jesus loves YOU. And your deliverer will bring you out of the greatest situations and put you on higher ground. So don’t give up my friend. Let’s keep fighting that good fight.

As for me and my adventure this morning, my hero showed up and I am just minutes away from getting back into my big comfy bed. Girlfriend could sure use some coffee right about now too.

I love you guys and pray you have an amazingly blessed day.


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  1. Laura Minor says:

    Love it! My son had a fender bender yesterday (he is fine but car damaged) and your words express my thoughts perfectly. Thank you for reminding us to continue the good fight.


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