Battle of Discouragement

Discouragement is such an ugly feeling. Those overwhelming thoughts that say we just aren’t good enough or not doing enough drown out God’s truths about who we are.

I’ve battled with discouraging thoughts that roar like the chaotic waves in the sea. Thoughts that have attempted to make me feel as though I am not doing enough for God. For my family. For my ministry. Thoughts that have screamed saying I should just quit. Thoughts saying you’ll never get far. This is as good as it will get.

Have you ever found yourself battling discouragement?

I recently found myself hearing the roaring sound that discouragement was making. And in the midst of the chaos of this storm that had ensnared me, I went to a place of peace. A place where I find serenity. All I hear is the beautiful sound of crashing waves with the sandy breeze blowing through my hair.

I stood at the foot of the ocean in awe of all of God’s goodness. I bent down and wrote one word in the sand.


Why me God? Why now?

I was at a loss for words and WHY seemed to be the only thing that came out. I uttered it repeatedly as I gazed into the deep blue sea. And as the waves washed over my feet, God reminded me of the scripture in Job 38:8-11.

God reminded me of how He controls how far the ocean reaches onto the land before He stops it. The waves rolled in, but as they reached my feet they pulled back in. He showed me how grand the sea is and how He control the waves and the storms. God was reminding me just how in control He is over our lives. Over my life.

While I stood feeling discouraged and broken, God kept reminding me how the uncertainties, the rage of those discouraging thoughts, were nothing compared to His goodness. He was in control of everything. I just needed to keep trusting in Him. And to do so, I needed to drown out the voices of discouragement and amplify the encouraging truths that God was speaking over me.

We can easily fall prey into the hands of those lies that say we just aren’t good enough and we will never achieve those dreams. But when we put our faith in God and trust in Him wholeheartedly, we are reassured of who we are and what we are able to accomplish. By removing limitations and believing all things are possible with Christ we escape the snare of those awful lies.

My dear friend, I pray that whatever discouraging battles rage in your life today, that you seek your place of peace. Seek God in the stillness and allow Him to show you just how wonderfully you are made. Know that whatever you are facing today, there is no storm, no raging sea God can not silence. Allow Him to bring restoration of peace and allow yourself to hear His truths of who you are.


psst…God Loves You

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