Happy New Year

How exciting! So we survived 2018! Yessss!!!

I say this laughingly. 2018 was great but boy was it challenging. There were moments where I wondered, am I on the right path here? Am I doing enough? Is God pleased with my work?

As the year came to an end I sat in bed sick for the remainder of the year. I had a plan. A goal. A target date for two projects I was working on. But of course, just as I was on a roll working day and night, congestion and all the yucky stuff that comes with a chest cold hit me hard. Knocked me off my feet.

Had I failed?

Of course NOT!!!

I had a setback. Can you relate to me here?

Was there a goal, a project you worked on so hard and missed your target date?

I spent these days resting and reading. There wasn’t much else I could do after Christmas Eve. All you heard was, “Man down!” Ok woman down here.

But during my time of rest it struck me. Was God making me rest to prepare me for a busy new year?

Was God setting everything in place so when the new year began, I would be rested up to take on what He has aligned for me?

Sometimes those setbacks seem catastrophic to our plans. But setbacks can sometimes be a way for God to give us time for preparation.

What is God preparing you for? And is this setback going to lead to you being catapulted to the next level?

Don’t get discouraged my dear friend. Instead get fired up! This is your year to do something Epic! This is the year God will propel you to a level you never imagined. So get ready for this new season and declare this your season of abundance!


psst…God Loves You

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