“For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11


Is it refraining from indulging in those decadent treats?

Is it going to sleep every night before 10 pm to ensure a minimum of 8 hours sleep?

Is it spending 30 minutes a day in prayer or reading your Bible?

Discipline is defined as: to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control.

The key to discipline is self control. To control our time, our actions, our habits. Daniel is a prime example of someone that knew what it meant to be disciplined and focused. He disciplined himself on how he ate and what he chose to put in his body. He spent three different times of his day in prayer. He sought God for wisdom and discernment. Daniel, being a young man, understood the importance of practicing self control and discipline and the results that came from it.

Daniel didn’t waiver because of a trend or out of force. He didn’t allow the pressures all around him to dictate what he should believe in or how he should act. Daniel stood grounded in his beliefs. He focused himself on doing what was right by his faith. He practiced self control in many areas.

When hard pressed, are we like Daniel or do we buckle and fall? Do we stand grounded in our beliefs or do we find ourselves waivering and succumbing to peer pressure?

Are we ensuring we get those much needed hours of sleep or are we staying up late watching tv? Have we allowed ourselves the indulgences of life to overtake our mind and body? Have we created a mindset that pushes us forward despite obstacles and hardships?

I had allowed myself to fall short in my prayer time and Bible study time. I allowed a busy schedule to come between me and my intimate time with God. I was making decisions without consulting the great I AM. It happens at times. And then I find myself frustrated, unable to focus on what God called me to do. Unable to fulfill the goals I have listed.

Part of being disciplined in our prayer and Bible study time, is so that we can become aligned with God. We center ourselves in Him. And when we do so, we receive clarity, wisdom and discernment. Like Daniel, we can hone in on the gifts God has given to us.

Discipline wasn’t created to keep us from enjoying life. Discipline is to keep us from over indulging in the things we know won’t bring good results. Zig Ziglar was once quoted saying,

It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.

My dear friend, I encourage you to develop daily discpline habits. Habits that enable you to achieve success. Create an approach that will help you make the most out of everything you do. A pattern that will lead you to a more rewarding and satisfying life.


psst…God Loves You

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  1. Dawn Ivey says:

    I love Daniel! He’s my favorite person in the Bible next to Jesus of course. I love the way he was committed to doing what was right.

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    1. I totally agree Dawn! Daniel is such a magnificent example of true dedication and discipline. We don’t know much of his parents but I can only imagine they were God loving people that took it to heart to teach their kids to honor Him through all circumstances. Such a great young man.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dawn Ivey says:

        Yes, it would have been interesting to know more about his parents. He was really great. Thanks again for your post! I enjoyed it 🙂


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