Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates

Happy Valentines Day! I just love this day and everything chocolate about it. I mean seriously! This day everything is dipped, coated, sprinkled and baked in chocolate!

Seriously, what’s there not to love!

On Tuesday my girlfriends and I got together for our biweekly Bible study and celebrated Galentines Day! We had such a blast playing Bible trivia and not to mention we weren’t counting calories this day. But instead focused on counting on our blessings as we indulged in this sweet and savory night. I’m telling you, this was a night in chocolate heaven.

Every Valentines I tend to get a bit sentimental. Especially when I get the one and only gift I desire the most. And yesssss, it’s chocolate! But this is more than just a heart shaped box of chocolates. This is a beautiful treasure nestled in a heart shaped box, where nothing about the candy itself warms my heart. It’s the heart shaped box packed with memories.

One of my fondest cherished memories of Valentines Day is about my grandparents . I remember it like if it were yesterday. Grandma stood by the stove cooking with her back towards me as I sat watching her from the kitchen table.

Grandpa walked in all quietly being ever so slick and sneeky with one arm tucked behind him. He had this handsome smile on his face as he walked over to grandma, kissing her gently on her cheek.

By this point I had seen what was behind his back. She turned and in a quick moment he pulled out a heart shaped box of chocolates and handed them to her. Her beautiful smile lit the room as she said in a girlish tone, “Ay Frank.” (“Oh Frank”)

Grandpa smiled and said, “Happy Valentines Day Annie.”

This one beautiful moment stayed nestled in the memory bank of my heart. A treasure I would hold onto every Valentines Day. It’s funny, he did this every year and would surprise her with a heart shaped box of chocolates and every year she acted surprised. They were adorable.

As I got older, every Valentines Day I excitedly waited for my heart shaped box of chocolates. Of course I love opening the box and biting into each piece to see what it is. But my most favorite part is the sweet memory that comes with the box.

When I think of love. I think of them and the love they shared for one another. I think of the love they gave me. An unconditional love. A love that comes from loving God and sharing His love with others.

We don’t have to wait till Valentines Day to receive His love. His treasured gifts. The sweetness that comes from His grace and mercy. We get this every single day.

God loves each of us and calls us His. It’s no secret how much He adores You.

My greatest prayer for you is that you know just how much God loves you. How much he adores you and cherishes you. I pray that on this day and every day, you share His love with others. A love that has no bounds. A love that cast no judgement. A love that isn’t based on sex, race, religion or gender. A love that forgives and understands. A love that is sweeter than a heart shaped box of chocolates.

I LOVE YOU and wish you the happiest Valentines Day!


psst…God Loves You

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  1. Dawn Ivey says:

    Beautiful & so true! Happy belated Valentine’s Day!


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