When Our Plans Don’t Go As Planned

Welp this week didn’t go as planned. I thought I’d add a little humor to today’s post with this image. It just seems fitting for how my week has been going.

Have you ever had something planned out so perfectly and then out of nowhere, your plans were abruptly changed?

It almost always doesn’t feel good when our plans don’t go as we intended. You plan that perfect vacation and out of nowhere your boss tells you they need you to work that week. You plan the perfect Spring Break week and out of nowhere you get sick. Or how about that week you have set aside for months to just sit and hone down into your book writing and out of nowhere your plans get changed and now there’s no time to write. And again you see yet another delay. Another interruption to your plans

Life has a not so funny way of throwing in those sneaky little surprises into our planned out schedules.

We can plan out the course of our day, of our lives, but God has the ultimate say.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

Often when our plans are altered we get frustrated, upset, even annoyed by the fact that an unwanted change has occurred in an untimely manner.

This week was supposed to be special. I had planned a fun birthday breakfast and day with my granddaughter. Preparations were to begin Monday for her 1st Birthday celebration. But without warning, last week my back and leg began aching. An ache that rendered me helpless. Unable to walk, sit or pretty much anything. Sciatica is what they call it. I call it an unwanted painful interruption of my plans.

So here I am in bed saddened that everything I had planned to do was now a complete bust. My options became, (1) lay in bed depressed and upset or (2) make the best of where God has me now.

I chose option 2.

Laying here listening to sermons, God began to speak to me. Where weeks had passed and no words from God had been spoken to me, now God had my undivided attention. I could hear Him loud and clear.

It occurred to me. Yes. I had a lightbulb moment.

In my busyness, I wasn’t leaving room and time to listen for God. He was speaking but I was too busy and distracted to actually listen. The intimacy I shared with God wasn’t so intimate anymore.

And why?

Because I allowed busy to become priority without even realizing it.

Does this sound familiar?

You see, God has such a beautiful way of interrupting our lives. It’s never to set us back or keep us from our purpose. It’s never to harm us or hurt our lives in any way.

God’s life interruptions are always meant for our good.

What may appear as a setback is actually God’s way of preparing us to catapult to the next level. What seems like wasted days in bed, are actually God’s way of forcing us to rest because He knows how badly our bodies and minds need it. God’s life interruptions are blessing disguised behind a sometimes painful event.

We must remember to trust every process, good and bad.

We must remain encouraged despite our circumstances. And we must keep a thankful heart for wherever we are despite setbacks, illness, injury, disappointment, or whatever else has come as an interruption.

When our plans don’t go as planned, know that this just may be God’s way of diverting you to a new path.

God’s redirection is always the best direction.

It leads us to His glory and blessings. We just need to remain committed, faithful and trusting on God’s plans for our lives.

Be blessed my friend and know that where you are today is temporary. God’s promise of abundance and living a blessed life is yours.


psst…God Loves You

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