Embracing Joy During the Heartache

Wrapping up a wonderful Thanksgiving week with all our kiddos and family. Thankful to have spent these days wrapped in the love of our family.

In all honesty, my heart was pulling away from the festivities even before the week had come. I wanted the days and weeks to just speed up to January 2nd. Just so that I wouldn’t think of all the moments I would miss with my brother.

But Jesus knew just what I needed and when. Every day was filled with laughter and joyful moments. Lots of great food and new memories created. I thanked God over and over for bringing me to this point. A place of peace and rest. A place where joy is present just waiting to embrace me.

Sometimes in our pain and suffering we think what we need is simply to disconnect and withdraw from everything and everyone. But Jesus knows we need to embrace those precious places he has prepared for us. Places where we gather to refuel on the joys of what life brings. Joy that reignites our passion for life. Joy that brings rest to the soul.

That’s exactly what my soul needed. Rest. Refueling. Joy. Peace.

This year had been such a difficult one. With one season harder after another. Seasons where breakthroughs seemed so far away in the distance. Like a long winding road where trees line each side of the road in fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Where the destination seems nowhere in sight.

Season after season, trial after trial, while the process seemed unbearable, one thing remained. Faith. Was it easy? Definitely not. But it has been necessary. Without faith I would have become consumed by brokenness. Faith is what gives us the hope for a better day. Faith gives us the strength that comes from Jesus. Strength to overcome. Strength to overcome the urge to withdraw and hide from life itself. Strength to embrace the joyful moments even when the heartache is still present.

Can I tell you something my friend? I know life comes with those unexpected moments that bring pain, disappointments and despair. Jesus is your way to overcome it all. He will lift you and carry you through every trial in life. Remain firm in your faith and continue trusting him through the process. Your breakthrough is surely to come. Just take each day one at a time.


psst…God Loves You

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