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Hey ladies!  Join me at Living Encouraged on our new website at

Join a Sisterhood of fearless, bold, courageous women of faith that are ENCOURAGING and EMPOWERING one another to IGNITE the flame within.  Live Life Intentionally…with Purpose!  Engage with a group of beautiful soulful women that share in the Biblical truths of God’s Word.

Right now you can get a FREE PDF download of week 2 of Becoming A Woman of Courage.  You can also PRE-ORDER your copy of the newly released Bible study guide, BECOMING A WOMAN OF COURAGE!



We have a new look and new name!  I am so excited for everything God has in store for this ministry.  What started off as a small group of women all gathered together in my backyard for a spring luncheon and Bible study, has grown globally.  God planted this beautiful seed deep in my heart.  A seed that would blossom and grow into this beautiful ministry.

What was once the Girlfriends, Coffee & Jesus Bible Study Group has now been renamed Living Encouraged Ministries.  Living Encouraged is about building a Sisterhood in Christ.  We are all about encouraging and empowering women to realize the true beauty God has created them to be.  I want every woman that joins our Sisterhood to embrace the gifts God has given them and use them to propel into their God given destinies.

Ladies, let me tell you something.  All this was simply a thought that crossed my mind almost 5 years ago.  A thought that I felt was crazy and impossible.  A thought that made me feel unqualified beyond so many measures.  But this crazy thought was God’s vision He had given me.  And the moment I said YES and accepted my assignment from Him, God took this unqualified, unworthy, fearful, insecure Texas girl and catapulted me to the next level.  He showed me that it wasn’t up to me to determine my qualifications and surely not to anyone else.  It was up to God!  He gave me strength to overcome fears and made me feel worthy on so many levels.

Today I am proud to say that my YES, has lead me to YOU!  My YES has me living my very best.  So join me and learn more about how you too can join our Living Encouraged Sisterhood.  Join me at and also at and get encouraged, inspired, and motivated to go after those crazy wild dreams of yours.  Join me, as together we will grow closer with Christ and know that this Sisterhood is a place where you will become empowered to live your best life yet!

I love you all and can’t wait to get this new chapter started!


Girlfriends, Coffee & Jesus Bible Study GroupIn 2014, God called me to get back into teaching His word but I just didn’t see myself as qualified much less ready for this. I felt unworthy and pretty much disqualified myself by all my standards, but God showed me different.  God showed me that I didn’t need the approval of man and every discouraging thought was replaced with encouragement from God.  I began believing that if God did in fact call me to teach, then I was going to follow.   And with that came the Girlfriends, Coffee and Jesus Women’s Bible Study Group. I could not be more excited to be studying His word with so much intensity and sharing it with women everywhere.

Every Thursday, my girlfriends and I get together with our big ol cups of coffee and spend our Girl’s Night Out studying God’s word.  We go in-depth into each monthly series.

Every bible study comes with a downloadable PDF copy of the outlined study guide, to allow you to follow along or simply study it on your time, at your pace.  As I work on creating videos to add on here, we will continue with our Facebook live feeds at 7pm CST.  I hope you will join us each week

To join the Girlfriends, Coffee & Jesus Women’s Bible Study Group, simple click the link below.

Girlfriends, Coffee & Jesus Women’s Bible Study