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Have you ever felt like you’ll never reach your goals?

Like maybe, just maybe all the hard work you’ve been putting in has gone unnoticed?

Waiting on a breakthrough doesn’t come lightly. And at times we being feeling as though quitting is all that’s left. The enemy wants to distract, discourage and deflate you. But that’s not what God wants for us. God wants us to achieve our dreams and reach our goals.

Join me at for this new online e-course as we explore how to overcome the obstacles and discouragement that can hinder us from achieving our goals and visions. Uncover how to stay committed and faithful on God’s perfect timing. Through the 6 Key Principles outlined in this course, we will also learn how to stir up our passion as we persevere towards our breakthrough.


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Becoming A Woman of Courage

Hey ladies!  I am just jumping out of my seat here.  The BECOMING A WOMAN OF COURAGE Bible Study Guide is now AVAILABLE!!! That’s right ladies.  You can now ORDER your copy of the first published Bible study guide. 

It’s funny, for the past couple of years I had been writing these 4 – 6 week Bible study series, month after month, consisting of maybe 20 pages for the full month.  And one day I told Rene that I just felt as though these typed up Bible studies I was teaching in the back yard would one day be published and shared everywhere.  Never did I anticipate this would the be the year we would begin publication.

The BECOMING A WOMAN OF COURAGE study is an 80 page study guide/workbook created with the everyday woman in mind.  We dig deep into the lives of 4 bold and courageous women of God.  Through the lives of Ruth, Naomi, Esther, and Deborah we learn what it means to become  a woman of courage.

It’s time we take up our sword and prepare for our victory ladies!





My Journey With God

A spiritual journey of self-discovery, faith, forgiveness, acceptance, and purpose.


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Have you ever felt lost and confused, just downright overwhelmed by life’s circumstances?

Ready to just give up and walk away? Maybe you’re not where you expected to be right now in life.

In My Journey With God, Christian Life Coach and Bible teacher, Ileen Bocanegra, sets off on a spiritual journey. It’s through her journey that she reaches for God’s strength as she unveils her hidden truths of unforgiveness, hurt, discouragement, fear, and self-doubt.

While some venture off on journeys to find themselves…to find their happiness…to run away from life, Ileen embarked on a journey to get closer to God.

Through her own personal journey of self-discovery, faith, forgiveness, acceptance, and purpose, Ileen shows you how to:

• Navigate through life’s challenges with an “I Can” attitude.
• Anchor your faith in God, trusting in His timing and plans.
• Recognize and release the unforgiveness that’s hindering your ability to move forward.
• Renew your hope and build your strength and confidence.
• Overcome fear, anxiety, and depression.
• Shift the direction of your focus away from feeling discouraged, unqualified, incapable, and unworthy.

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