Walking into 2020 like a BOSS!

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1


Do they walk in all timid, afraid of all the what ifs? Discouraged and pessimistic? On the contrary. If anything, they walk into a room full of confidence of who they are and what their purpose is. They go about their day committed, expectant and determined to meet and or exceed their goals for the company.

On Christmas Day I got the best gift ever! I was squealing like a little girl. All giddy filled with excitement. All year long I talked about these pink high top tennis shoes I wanted. My husband found it so amusing and so did my boys. All except one son…Matt. He said he could totally see me rocking them and that I should get me a pair. I debated here and there and for one reason or another I just never went to grab me a pair.

You see, I am not big on wearing tennis shoes. I am more of a heels and boots kinda gal. But for some reason these particular shoes totally had me mesmerized. I remember thinking once how I could totally see myself wearing these shoes with skinny jeans and preaching the Word of God. I had envisioned this outfit and me standing up at a podium in total confidence.

When I opened this one particular gift I could not believe my eyes. I had gotten a pair of pink high top Vans. I immediately thought to myself, I am definitely rocking these bad girls on New Years Eve Day. I remember putting them on with my skinny jeans and the feeling I had. This was all new to me. A different look. A look that for some reason just made me feel great! Confident! I thought to myself, I am about to walk into 2020 like a BOSS! And I did! Funny how a pair a shoes got me feeling like this.

How often do we feel that boost of confidence or that feel good moment when we put on those new heels or that nice outfit that is always oh so flattering? How we feel truly determines the steps we take before us. When we feel confident and assured, we are then overcome by excitement, courage, determined with a boldness.This is what it takes to reach our goals in life!

Goals and Visions can take time to attain. We can often feel tired and discouraged because we don’t see results fast enough. But when we walk with the type of confidence that says, “Yes you will succeed!” “Yes you will reach your goal!” “Yes you will be healed!” “Yes you will buy that new house!” “Yes you will get that promotion!” You don’t allow timing to be an issue for you because you are so determined and assured that all your work will pay off.

As we walk through these first few weeks of 2020, I encourage you to have an attitude of confidence, assurance, excitement, courage, determination, commitment and boldness. Walk into 2020 knowing that this is your BREAKTHROUGH YEAR! Declare this over and over and allow this declaration to be your mantra for 2020.

Trust God’s process and have confidence in knowing that you will reach the breakthrough you have been waiting for. God’s timing is always so perfect. And we can be assured that no good thing will God withhold from us. Be expectant and continue pressing through each day excited for the blessings that God has before you.


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