When In Doubt…


So things aren’t going as you hoped.  You’ve cried out repeatedly to God and it just seems like nothing is changing.  Is God even listening?  Is He even here?  Just because things aren’t in motion already for what you are pleading to God for does not mean He is not there and He is not listening to you.  Immediately your natural self begins to doubt if He is even there or if He will even help you.  Your mind and feelings start putting thoughts of doubt in God.  You start feeling anxious and disappointed.  You reach a point where you are just ready to give up on God.  Know that God has heard every word you have spoken and even those unspoken words that come from your heart.  God knows what you are feeling and your circumstances.  Sometimes we get anxious.  We expect God to answer our pleading to Him immediately.  We need that reassurance that He is in fact there listening to us and working in our favor.  We seek to know without a doubt, that God is going to make those changes because we believe that we are ready for this change.  If you look back on your life and all those times you were broken, crying out to God in prayer, asking Him to get you through that difficult time and you overcame.  It may not have been when you were expecting but you DID overcome.  The battles you faced in the past brought you strength and courage to move forward.  You didn’t stay stuck in that situation.  No.  God brought you out of that situation and made you an overcomer.  With time your scars healed and all those broken pieces were once again restored.  You went beyond a circumstance that at one time was binding you and holding you back.  You felt lost, alone, confused, desperate.  Yet when you least thought God was there, He was doing His part to get you through that difficult time.  Don’t be so quick to give up on God.  Don’t doubt that He is working on that very thing you are calling out to Him about.  Don’t doubt His love for you.  When he sees you hurting and crying, it hurts Him just as much, if not more.  He is working to put the pieces back together in your life.  Be patient and quietly listen for Him to direct your ways.  God loves you more than you could ever imagine.  He knows without a shadow of a doubt that you will overcome.  I pray that God restores your peace and your faith in Him grows stronger as each day passes.


Psst…God Loves You

“But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.”  James 1:6



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