Don’t rush the destination

We recently took a family road trip to Florida. This was a first for us. Neither of us had ever felt comfortable driving a distance like this. 6+ hours seemed like too much. So we decided to take our trip with ease. Not rushing straight thru from Texas to Florida. But instead making a few stops in-between and just enjoying the in-between.

I started to think how too often we rush through life. Racing to work everyday. Rushing the kids off to school each morning. Running the rat race of life. And all the while leaving little to no time to enjoy the in-between. We miss out on the blessings right before our eyes. And before we know it our child is graduating from high school preparing to head off to college. We sit in awe asking just one simple question.


We miss all the in-betweens in life. We rushed off every morning and missed the picturesque landscape of the beautiful life God has blessed us with. We rush through life forgetting to savor those mornings with our littles. The extra 10 minutes in bed snuggling. The quiet and serenity that comes when we sit in God’s presence for those 15 minutes of our day. We miss those still moments where God is speaking to us but we are too busy and caught up in life that we just can’t hear Him.

As we drove from state to state, stopping and enjoying new cities, new atmospheres, creating new memories, God revealed to me that the destination would await my arrival. There was no rush to get there. There was this time of basking in all His goodness. A time that stands still, even for just a few hours, where you get to just exhale every worry and fear and just rest in the blessings before us.

I encourage my friend, enjoy the in-between. Don’t rush through the process to achieving your goals or you might miss the blessings before your eyes. Don’t rush the destination for your child to finish school. Instead enjoy those in-between moments along the way. Savor those in-between moments with your spouse having a soothing cup of coffee before you each rush off to start the day or just soak in some me time and relax in God’s goodness. Just don’t rish the destination. The destination awaits no matter what.


psst…God Loves You

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  1. Dawn says:

    Amen! We should take life one day at a time and enjoy it as much as possible. ❤️😊


  2. Love this. True- the destination awaits us regardless so why the rush?. 😊
    Apt!. 💯

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