Who Needs Calgon


Ever have one of those days where one thing after another just seems to go wrong?  It gets to the point where you are just mentally and physically exhausted and in all honesty you aren’t sure if you can bare one more mishap.   Tonight was one of those nights for me.  Yes…believe it or not, Christians do have bad days too.  We get overwhelmed, exhausted both physically and mentally, we get discouraged, you name it.  Tonight it seemed anything I attempted to do just wasn’t going as planned.  To make matters worse, I was in excruciating pain in my right arm yet I kept pushing and pushing.  I literally threw the towel in.  Or better yet, my painting towel I had on my lap.  I shut down my office where I was working on crosses and just walked away.   I sat to blog and again my brain just wasn’t functioning till I saw this quote.  I had spent the last two hours focusing on all the mishaps that I didn’t look at the positive things happening all around me.  My middle son saw I was locked up in my office that no longer has a ceiling fan in and took it upon himself to bring me a fan.  Without me asking.  My husband had cleaned up the dining table and put away the left over turkey chili I had made for dinner.  My boys had cleaned the kitchen while I was at work.  You see, I was spending so much time and frustration on the little things that kept going wrong that I was missing the big picture happening all around me.  My boys and husband were taking care of me and the house.  They were giving me the time I needed to work without demanding anything from me.

Sometimes we see past all the little things happening around us that God is doing in our lives.  We are so focused on amplifying the things that are going wrong in our life that we lose focus on the beauty all around.  We allow all those mishaps to steal our joy.  To rob us from our peace.  We allow the stress from a bad at the office to ruin a good evening of laughter and fun with our families.  God is constantly surprising us with beautiful gifts.  But we are so focused on everything else that we miss them.  Take a moment to stop and look around at what God is doing in your life right now.  Don’t dwell on what didn’t go right today.  Don’t dwell on who did what to you or why.  Instead of waiting on Calgon to take it all away.   Let God take it all away.  Let Him wash you of all that stress and worry.  Who needs Calgon anyway when you have God.   Rest assured you will feel relaxed and in comfort just knowing He is in control.


psst…God Loves You

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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