woman of the wellHave you ever been so thirsty that it seems like you could drink 2 bottles of water and still that thirst just isn’t quenched.  You try everything.  Powerade, Gatorade, cokes and finally one of those gives you that satisfaction you just couldn’t get from water alone.  Now imagine a thirst from deep within your soul that can’t get quenched with water, Powerade, Gatorade or cokes of any kind.  This thirst can only get quenched with God’s word.  That’s the feeling I had when I first started going to our church, The Exchange Church.  I had sat through a few sermons and immediately started noticing I had this desire to learn more.  I wanted to hear more.  I listened to podcast from prior sermons before we had even started attending and it still wasn’t enough.  I couldn’t wait till the following Sunday so I could get more of God’s word.  I read my bible more and started to notice I was no longer reading my romance novels.  If anything I was starting to buy books that offered religious/spiritual guidance.  And as soon as our pastor mentioned Wednesday night services, I was excited.  You see something started moving in me.  I was no longer satisfied with just worshiping at church on Sundays, I wanted to sing to God everyday.  I was so thirsty for God that I just wanted to learn more about Him and get closer.  This is what it feels like when you open your heart to God.  When you seek Him with all your heart you will see yourself wanting more of Him.   I don’t miss all the things I used to do before.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am still in my learning stages and i’m not letting go of things to make a change.  It’s just happening.  I’m not forcing changes in my life.  These changes are happening without thought or planning of any kind.  I’ve learned to not be afraid of making changes in my life that make me happy.  I’ve learned to trust in God and believe that He has great things in store for me.   So when you start to feel that deep unquenchable thirst overwhelm you…seek God.  Open your heart to God and seek Him in everything and in all you do.  It is then that you will finally quench that thirst that could never be satisfied under any other means.  Let God fill your body and nurture your mind and soul.


Psst…God Loves You

“I spread out my hand to You;  My soul longs for You like a thirsty land.”               Psalm 143:6

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