Baby Steps


What’s holding you back?  Is it fear?  Do you worry that you will fail?  Do you worry what your friends and family will think?  Is it self doubt?  Maybe you are worried that right now just isn’t the right time?  All these questions plague us when we are looking to make a change in our lives.  Fear begins to kick in high gear whether we realize it or not.  We make excuses to ourselves and others and swear up and down, we are not afraid.  But in reality, FEAR is the ultimate culprit behind the reason why you just…won’t…step out and go for it.  For some, they must analyze every aspect, forward and backward before they can move forward and take that first step.  If your heart desires a change and it’s a steady thought in your mind, why are you allowing fear to keep you from taking that next step?  Imagine as babies, had we been too afraid to try and learn to walk we would never be able to stand up on our own two feet.  Imagine spending our lives unable to take one step because we were too afraid to learn.  We fell a few times as babies but we got right back up and tried again until we were finally able to walk on our own with no support.  Life is full of baby steps that lead to our ultimate goals.  Our goals come in different sizes.  Some smaller than others but in the end it’s those baby steps that get us closer to reaching them.  Don’t allow fear from keeping you from taking those baby steps.  If you fall, it’s okay.  No one ever said we would never fall.  As long as you are trying you are not failing.  Always remember that God is there to pick you up and hold your hand as you try taking that next baby step.  Before you know it, you are running towards your next goal.


Psst…God Loves You

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”  2 Corinthians 5:7


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